Organize and get a head start on your spring cleaning!



We hope our customers are ready to organize and get a head start with spring cleaning! It’s proven that having an organized home makes for easier mornings and causes less stress over all. Melrose has the perfect tools in our Homestyle department to keep spaces in your house less cluttered. From your bathroom, to your bedroom and your kitchen you can revamp those spaces with these acrylic organizers, key hooks and over the door hooks. These items will help you keep everything in place and you’ll never lose anything ever again!


Organize your beauty

Keep all of your favorite beauty supplies enclosed and easy to reach. You’ll save so much time getting ready ready in the morning and can keep your space nice and tidy. Keep your cotton balls, rounds and swabs in the enclosed acrylic cylinders to keep your beauty essentials organized. Use our other boxed organizers or drawers to store and organize your favorite makeup tools, hair care or other beauty products. The golden “pencil” holders are perfect for storing your makeup brushes, lip pencils and eyeliners in elegant style.


Organize with hooks

Never lose your keys again! Add this cool key ring holder by your door to hang keys you use everyday like car keys, house keys and everything in between. No more wasting minutes (or hours in some cases) looking for keys to head out the door.

Organizer_Hooks_1 Organizer_Hooks_2

Over the door hooks can be very useful around the house. Use them in your bathroom to hang towels and other shower tools. Add them in your room to organize your clothes, hats, or favorite handbags or backpacks. Don’t forget to use them in the kitchen as well. You can hang all your favorite aprons, kitchen tools, and utensils to make cooking an easier task.


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