M-Style Rewards

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M-Style Rewards

M-Style Rewards is our way of rewarding you for shopping with Melrose! Ask a cashier at one of our stores to sign up--it’s entirely free!

M-Style Rewards allows you to earn points for your purchases at My Melrose, Melrose Family Fashions and our Vogue sister stores. Points can be redeemed at any time.

10 points $0.50   45 points $2.25   90 points $4.50
15 points $0.75   50 points $2.50   95 points $4.75
20 points $1.00   60 points $3.00   100 points $5.00
25 points $1.25   70 points $3.50   125 points $6.25
30 points $1.50   75 points $3.75   150 points $7.50
35 points $1.75   80 points $4.00   175 points $8.75
40 points $2.00   85 points $4.25   200 points $10.00

How are M-Style Points Earned?

  • Purchases
    Layaway and regular purchases  earn 1 point for every dollar spent.

  • Point Availability
    Earned points for non-layaway purchases will be available after 24 hours of original purchase.

  • Wholesale (in-store only) & Employees
    Wholesale customers and employees earn ½ a point for every dollar spent.
  • Layaway Point Availability
    Earned points for layaway purchases will be available after a layaway has been paid completely or on partial pick up.

  • Gift Cards
    Points will also be earned on purchases paid with a Melrose gift card. Gift card purchases do not earn points.

M-Style Point Expiration

Your M-Style rewards points do not expire, however, if your M-Style rewards account is inactive for 12 months you will be dropped from the loyalty program and you will lose all of your accumulated points. Be sure to let your cashier know that you are an M-Style rewards customer when making a purchase and visit us every 12 months to stay enrolled in our rewards program.