Designer Dupes Vol. 4


Here is our fourth post of designer look-a-like items currently in our stores!

Beauty Pillow:

New year, new skin and hair routines. Beauty pillows are all the rave right now! It’s an overnight solution to help fight aging and keep hair nice and smooth. Sleeping with silk or satin pillows is supposed to reduce fine lines and hair frizz by reducing the friction between your face/hair and your pillowcase. Other materials such as cotton and linen tug at your skin while silk or satin pillows allow your face to glide over it and reduce stretching and pulling. Satin is affordable compared to silk and it provides the same benefits! That is why we are loving this cool dupe.


Facial cleansing brush:

Regular skin cleansing is critical to maintaining healthy looking skin. Facial cleansing effectively removes dirt, oil and other unwanted debris that accumulates on the face throughout the day. Facial brushes are great for cleansing as they can get into your pores better than your bare hands can. They can be used on both your face and neck and do a really great job at removing make-up and works as an exfoliating treatment. This leads to brighter and cleaner skin. Make it your new year’s resolution to have better skin and head to a Melrose for a facial cleansing brush!


Hat with poms:

Keep the sun out of your face and head out of the house in style with this fun baseball cap with fluffy faux fur pom pom’s. It’s the perfect accessory for those sunny breezy days.



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