Product Questions

How do your order this item
Unfortunately, we are not selling online at this time.
What colors
These are available in black, white, nude and rose gold.
How can i get
Find a store near you to purchase these shoes!
What other color.
These come in silver and champagne.
Can I see more girls dress shoes
We are working on getting more girls shoe styles on our website.
Where can I find the colors on the Women's Knit Lace Up Athletic Sneaker
Black, gray, white, cobalt, navy, mauve, rose, grape, neon pink, red and burgundy
Why would you put up pictures of a dress, covered by a huge faux fur coat? I can’t see the fit one bit.
Our product photos are intended to showcase complete looks.
Do you have in black?
Unfortunately this boot only comes in tan as displayed.
What colors
These are available in silver and champagne.
I am interested in this heels but how do i know if they have it on my store? And if they dont how do i order it?
Give your store a call and ask if they carry this style in your size.
sort off of , does this body shappler put control on you'r tummy , am looking for a body shapper to hide some fat,get my driffet size large or extra large depends on styel?
This shapewear is designed to control your tummy but I cannot give you an objective answer whether it would give you the result you are looking for.
What other color?
These boots come in black and brown.
The instructions don't show me how to record how do I record
This device does not have internal storage, however it can be plugged into a laptop/tablet/desktop and used in conjunction with software to record.
What is the voltahe of this rapid charger and how fast does it charge
Voltage is not listed on this product and charge time will depend on battery capacity and the device's tolerances.
Color option available???
These are available in black, white, nude and taupe.
I saw these boots in tan in Harlingen, Tx and I loved them but they wouldn't zip up. Do you have these boots to fit a wider calve?
Unfortunately, we do not have wide calf sizes in these boots.
What other colors
These shoes come in black, silver, gold and champagne.
Black size 5
These are available in black size 5.
is this a racer-back?
This top is not  a racerback, it is a bralette style top. We offer a wide selection of products in our store and we are always receiving fresh merchandise in our store so be sure to check if we have something that suits your needs/tastes!
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