Product Questions

Can I order this color online
Unfortunately we are not selling online at this time.
How to install
I would recommend looking at YouTube tutorials like this to what installation process will achieve your desired outcome.
How does the smell come out
The heat from being inserted into the car outlet warms the scent disk and the scent comes through the venter slots.
Did you delivery?
Sorry, we do not sell online or offer delivery.
how high is the heel on this boot?
This boot has a 2" heel.
does it go up your vagina
If worn properly, none of our apparel should enter any bodily orifice.
What sizes does it come in
Ladies styles are available in sizes S-XL
Does Alice Texas store have these shoes??
I recommend calling the Alice location at 361-661-1052 and asking if they have style number 6122-1599 in your preferred size.
Does it have a way to lower the volume
Unfortunately it does not seem like this product has volume control.
How long does thus item take to charge? What color is it when fully charged?
I would recommend contacting the manufacture of this item.
It is real
Not sure what you mean by "real" but it's NOT an Adidas branded jersey like the ones worn by the Mexican national team.
Need a size 9
Since we do not sell online, we recommend that you call you local store(s) to see if this item is available in the desired size.
You should be able to turn it on/off by twisting the silver ring at the top of the handle.
Does it work with Bluetooth?
No, this item does not use Bluetooth.
Nesecito este producto en color silver y golden por favor
Estos zapatos vienen en negro, plata, rubor y champán. No tenemos la opción de color dorado tradicional.
Can U order this online to be shipped? Thanks.
Unfortunately we are not selling online at this time.
What other colors
These shoes come in black, silver, gold and champagne.
I saw these boots in tan in Harlingen, Tx and I loved them but they wouldn't zip up. Do you have these boots to fit a wider calve?
Unfortunately, we do not have wide calf sizes in these boots.
Color option available???
These are available in black, white, nude and taupe.
What is the voltahe of this rapid charger and how fast does it charge
Voltage is not listed on this product and charge time will depend on battery capacity and the device's tolerances.
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