10 Layered Looks for Juniors at Melrose

10 Layered Looks for Juniors at Melrose
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10 Layered Looks for Juniors at Melrose

Cooler temperatures call for a shift in our wardrobe; some pieces are put to the wayside while others can be incorporated into warmer ensembles. Thicker fabrics, layering, and closed-toed shoes all have the spotlight. The mood and vibe for fall integrate functionality, comfort, and style into one outfit. This week, we at Melrose have ten layered looks for our young ladies that showcase various outerwear pieces, like shackets and fleece jackets, how we styled them, and other creative ways to elevate their fashion with our selection. 

The junior models wear curated layered looks by Jacquelline Castillo and Sydney Cooper photographed by Alfonso Zavala.The junior models wear curated layered looks by Jacquelline Castillo and Sydney Cooper photographed by Alfonso Zavala.
The junior models wear curated layered looks by Jacquelline Castillo and Sydney Cooper photographed by Alfonso Zavala.

Cozy Casual with UGG Dupes

Camila Coelho Getty Images Glamour

Shackets and cozy outdoor slippers are a must-have for young ladies this fall. Here we showcase our "Ambiance" Buttoned Pocket Plaid Shacket with season-appropriate pieces like our "Love Tree" Long Sleeve Crew Neck Top, "Wax" 27" Light Wash Distressed Skinny Denim Jeans, and our UGG duped "Top" Embroidered Lined Slip-on Shoes. This look is perfect for girl time with your best friends, going out for food, having a night in, cooking homemade pasta, and watching movies to make you laugh. Suppose you're like Anne Hathaway and want a sleek, cozy, and breathable; opt for a monochromatic look with a fitted long-sleeve shirt tucked into leggings and chunky boots that are a perfect casual mix. For the extra cold-bodied, wear a sweatshirt to keep warm. For a more contemporary woman, check out champagneandchanel on LTK for inspiration to match with your younger counterpart. 

Denim might not be "in style," but cargo pants are, and creativity never excludes anything from creating fashionable outfits. This Melrose look features the "Love Tree" Denim Jacket layered over the white "CTTN" 15" Long Sleeve Notch Crop Top, khaki "Ikeddi" 28.5" Cargo Pants, and tan "Top" Embroidered Lined Slip-on Shoes. Add more trending pieces like mock neck tops and patchwork with inspiration from Camila Coelho's outfit in Glamour.

Sporty Varsity Jackets

When you look at varsity jacket outfit inspiration, ladies create essential base layers with solid-colored tops in all varieties, broader-leg jeans, a few skirts, and sneakers to make their ultimate sporty looks. Varsity jackets are easy to coordinate with; whether you want to go with a nude color palette, white or black, your jacket will always stand out and be the focal point of your look. At Melrose, hunter green is a trending color for us. We've created two looks showcasing green as a stand-out color with our varsity jackets. 

One look we have leads with the "No Comment" Green Fleece Varsity Jacket layered over our grey "Bozzolo" Long Sleeve Crop Top, tan "Hot Kiss" 10" 1-button Skinny Cargo Pants, and white "Forever" Pleather Solid Colored Sneakers. The other showcases green as the primary color in the pants rather than the jacket; be well-coordinated with the "No Comment" Grey Fleece Varsity Jacket, white "CTTN" 20" Short Sleeve Mock Neck Top, green "Hot Kiss" Cargo Pants, and the white "Forever" Pleather Solid Colored Sneakers. For more inspiration besides wearing varsity jackets with pants, check out Lindy Segal's article for InStyle, which gives creative outfits that feature maxi skirts, minidresses, prints, and more to mix up your vintage varsity jacket collection.

Laid Back Luxe

Combine influences of luxe and street fashion with our look featuring the white "Ambiance" Hooded Fur Jacket, black "CTTN" 23" Long Sleeve Mock Neck Top, "Apollo" 32" 2-Button Acid Wash Cargo Pants, and white "Forever" Pleather Solid Color Sneakers.

Possibly one of the most fun experimental outerwear pieces to work with in fashion are faux fur jackets and coats. Depending on what you pair them with, they portray multiple personalities, from pure elevated, high-class feminine luxury like Ariana Grande's look to the faded, jaded, rebel rockstars (inspo by M E L on Instagram) and editorial fashion moguls. Volume, the amount of faux fur made in the jacket, and length alone make working with this type of outerwear interesting. Here we wanted to mix the idea of a luxury look with our fluffy white "Ambiance" Hooded Fur Jacket and a sleek fitted navy "CTTN" 23" Long Sleeve Mock Neck Top paired with a more relaxed, street-inspired look with the "Apollo" 32" 2-Button Acid Wash Cargo Pants and the white "Forever" Pleather Solid Color Sneakers.

Animal Printed Fleece

Continuing the faux fur topic, we have some printed fleece faux fur options to add to our layering mix for juniors. First, throw it back to 2018 and channel a little Doja Cat "Moooo!" vibes with your cow print "New Mix" 21" Long Sleeve Fleece Printed Fur Jacket and layer it over an all-black basic ensemble with our "Bozzolo" Long Sleeve V-Neck Crop Top, "Wax" 27" Black High Rise Skinny Denim Jeans, and "Legend" Lug" Pleather Elastic Ankle Chunky Booties. For cow print, you can find matching pants or a skirt and pair them with a white top or a white top with wide-leg denim jeans.

Next time you need a fleece faux fur jacket, wear our cute teddy bear printed "New Mix" 21" Long Sleeve Fleece Printed Fur Jacket. Keep your color palette similar to that of the jacket with our nude "Love Tree" Long Sleeve Mock Neck Top, "Wax" 29" Light Wash Slim Fit Cargo Denim Jeans, and tan "Top" Embroidered Lined Slip-on Shoes. Other ways to dress yourself in the bear-printed jacket are to wear a darker brown monochromatic athleisure look or go for a white top and jeans that compliment the color of the bears. 

Athleisure for Lazy Days

Effortless comfort has never been more accessible with fleece athleisure looks. Channel Mila Kunis's athleisure with our Melrose interpretation with the grey, "Emerson & Zoe" Full Zip Fleece Hoodie, "Bozzolo" Long Sleeve V-Neck Crop Top, "Emerson & Zoe" Fleece Jogger Pants, and white "Forever" Pleather Solid Colored Sneakers. Switch out the grey top for a white one if you prefer a more even color division. If you're a little more of a colorful type, pick one of our colors of the "Ambiance" Long Sleeve Full Zip Fleece Jacket and "Ambiance" Fleece Jogger Pants and layer an essential "New Mix" 18" Long Sleeve Crop Top with shoes like our "Forever" Pleather Multi Colored High Top Sneakers.

Statement Looks for a Night Out

Our final segment on layered looks is for the girlies who love going out to party. We received items that fall into this season's trending colors, like red and silver. Monochromatic red is the preferred way to wear the trend, and silver is meant for jewelry, but here we are bending the trends to our creative freedom.

The first option pictured showcases our silver "Julia" Short Sleeve Pleather Metallic Top layered over the champagne "Chocolate" Spaghetti Strap Sequin Tank Top, "Chocolate" 1-button Silver Metallic Pants, and the matte nude "Legend" 4" Pleather Snake-up Heels. If you're a bolder gal, replace the sequin top with a bralette, button up the silver metallic top, and finish with clear mule heels, or, if you're lucky, make the outfit complete metallic silver with matching boots. 

Our final outfit integrates a red "Love J" 14" Short Sleeve Beaded Top layered over the black "Bozzolo" Ribbed Basic Cropped Tank Top, "Chocolate" Sequin Skort, and "Fortune" 3 1/2" Platform Ankle Strap Heels. To be on trend, replace all the black of this look and go with a red bralette, flare metallic pants, and chunky red heels for the ultimate statement outfit of the season.

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