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FIFA For All My Melrose World Cup Attire for the Family

In the football (soccer) community, every four years the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup takes place with 32 national teams at its helm. At My Melrose, we celebrate the FIFA World Cup hosted in Qatar and provide attire inspired by the Mexico national team. Get ready for the game with the family wearing the My Melrose attire we showcase, along with some interesting facts about the FIFA organization. 

7 months ago
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Pop Culture Inspiration: 4 Outfits Inspired by Marilyn Monroe's Off Screen Looks

Any leading man or leading lady could be called a movie star, but among those already rare individuals whose commanding physical presence and charisma commands the attention of an audience, few can truly be considered icons. Charlie ChaplinJames DeanJohn WayneBette DavisClaudette Colbert, and Audrey Hepburn are among those rare stars whose legacies and likenesses have endured, cementing them as icons. One icon eclipses them all, her work and visage recognizable worldwide even a full 60 years after her tragic death:  Marilyn Monroe.

9 months ago
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Hispanic Heritage Month Special: Six Outfits Inspired by Hispanic Celebrities

September is a month of celebration and pride for many in the My Melrose community as National Hispanic Hertiage Month kicked off the 15th. Here at My Melrose, we proudly serve the Hispanic community wholistically and would like to share the importance of these days with you and, of course, talk about fashion featuring six Hispanic icons and celebrities over the years. 

9 months ago
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