12 Beauty Must Haves from My Melrose

12 Beauty Must Haves from My Melrose
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12 Beauty Must Haves from My Melrose

Cosmetics, hair, and skincare products are some of the most fun and addicting items to grab, whether it's a regular purchase or something you want to try. My Melrose and Melrose Family Fashions isn't just for apparel and shoes; we carry various beauty products in our stores. This week, we'd like to share 12 of our current beauty must-haves and when and how best to use them. 

Skin-aid-medics Vitamin C Sugar Scrub

The most accessible addition to your skincare is sugar scrub. Sugar scrub is used for exfoliating the skin by removing dead cells, which usually leads to brighter, softer skin. Most sugar scrubs are made for use on the body, not necessarily the face, but some products are out there for that particular use. Everyone can use a sugar scrub, but those with dry, ashy skin may benefit the most. To best use our "G2" Vitamin C Sugar Scrub, like any sugar scrub, first, cleanse the skin with body wash. Next, apply our scrub in gentle circular motions; if you're shaving, you'll want to do this beforehand. Rinse well, then moisturize your skin while slightly damp with either body oil, lotion, or cream. 

Daily Essentials Stainless Steel Brow Razors

Whether you're in a rush or doing your shower and skin care ritual, our "Bag" 12-Pack Stainless Steel Brow Razors are perfect for multiple reasons other than this being a value pack. Brow razors (or DIY dermaplaners) are affordable and valuable tools for skin exfoliation and hair removal on the face. If you're a busy gal and don't always have the time or patience for a wax, using a razor like this is excellent for a more temporary yet precise solution to unkept brows. In addition, these razors are good for removing unwanted peach fuzz all over the face and dead skin cells. For best use for removing dead skin, avoid exfoliating for about three days and moisturize when finished.

Romantic Beauty Mariposa Eyeshadow Palette

Enter into a small square world of dramatic color with the "Cosmac" Mariposa Eyeshadow Palette. The 16-shade color story has a variety of highly pigmented shimmer and matte shades. This is great for creating a daytime glam look or a dramatic creation for a dressy outfit. So grab the Mariposa palette and add it to your essential spring/summer makeup collection for extra vibrancy to ultra glam and feminine looks.

Beauty Treats Coffee & Donut Inspired Face Powders

Early birds, coffee addicts, and donut lovers rejoice as your mornings will always be filled with your beverage and pastry love with our "BT" Four Color Face Powder Palette inspired by coffee and donuts. These cute and creative pun palettes feature blush, bronzer, and contour with color names related to real-life goodies. Both palettes are good essential starters for a variety of skin tones.

Vivitar Hair Styling Tools

No matter the mood, My Melrose has hair styling tools that help meet your beauty vision for day or night. First, grab our "Sakar" Triple Barrel Hair Waver Wand to achieve mermaid-level beach waves. Then, if you're not a massive fan of your already wavy hair (which many of us are jealous of, btw), snag our "Sakar" Ceramic Bristle Straightening Brush for easily attainable silky straight hair. 

Sparkling Face Jewels

Festival feinds, rave ragers, and patient makeup artists all have a three-dimensional beauty additive in common; face jewels. Challenge your creative limits using either our "Simply" Round Charcoal Diamond Face Jewels, "Simply" Round Diamond Face Jewels, "UP" Face Crystals, "Top & Top" Colored Multi-Use Gem Stickers, or the "Top & Top" Silver Small Facial Jewels; better yet, try combining a couple and see where they take you. 

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