19 Summer Shoes from Melrose

19 Summer Shoes from Melrose
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19 Summer Shoes from Melrose

During the summer season, it's essential to have a versatile collection of footwear and clothing tailored for warm weather. At Melrose, you can explore a diverse selection of flat and heeled open-toed shoes, sneakers, moccasins, ballet flats, boots, and booties. These are perfect for pairing with summer outfits for any occasion, whether a casual day out or an evening event. Read below to delve into Melrose's range of women's summer footwear options.

Cute, Comfortable Sandals and Flats

Elevate your casual summer look with the stylish "Soda" H-Strap & Velcro Strap Flat Sandals. These chic and comfortable sandals are perfect for adding a trendy touch to your warm-weather ensemble.

Enhance the sophistication of your casual outfit by pairing it with the "Forever" Paris Flat Slide Slip-on Sandals. These stylish sandals will elevate your ensemble, adding an elegant touch to your overall look.

Enhance your casual ensemble by adding a touch of sophistication with the "Forever" Cork Sole Rhinestone Circle Double Buckle Flat Sandals. The stunning rhinestone and pearl embellishments and the comfortable cork sole will elevate your look for any occasion.

Add a touch of glamour to your casual summer ensemble with the sparkly "Forever" Cork Sole Rhinestone Double Buckle Flat Sandals. These sandals feature a shiny finish, rhinestone embellishments, and double buckle closure, making them the perfect choice for adding a stylish and comfortable touch to your summer look.

Step out in style and comfort with the "Forever" White Sole Linen Drawstring Flat Moccasins. These moccasins are perfect for a leisurely day out and offer a combination of casual elegance and all-day wearability.

Step into effortless style and comfort with our 'Soda' Slip-on Linen Flats. Featuring a breathable and lightweight design, these flats are perfect for all-day wear, allowing you to move quickly while maintaining a comfortable feel. Experience the freedom of movement without compromising style with our 'Soda' Slip-on Linen Flats.

Transform your ensemble with the stunning "Forever" Rhinestone Bow Embellished Ballet Flats. These beautifully designed shoes are adorned with sparkling rhinestones and a charming bow, adding a touch of elegance and glamour to your outfit. Step out in style and make a statement with these dazzling ballet flats.

The "Ambo" Perf Gold Hardware Rhinestone Embellished Moccasins are stylish and elegant for any professional or religious setting. They are designed to provide both comfort and a conservative look, making them ideal for wearing to work or a religious service. The gold hardware and rhinestone embellishments add a touch of sophistication to the shoes, ensuring that you look polished and put together. Whether at the office or attending a religious ceremony, these moccasins blend style and comfort perfectly.

Our summer sandals and flats offer various options suitable for numerous occasions. We have carefully curated a selection of contemporary designs and styles that cater more to the preferences of younger ladies.

One of our standout sandal designs is the "Soda" H-Strap & Velcro Strap Flat Sandals, which exude a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. These sandals pay homage to the iconic Hermès Chypre Sandal with their distinctive 'H' cutout design and an additional Velcro strap. Crafted from pleather in denim and brown colors, our version offers a stylish and affordable alternative to the Hermès design. The Hermès design is priced at $1,025, while ours is available for $16.99.

On the other hand, the "Forever" Paris Flat Slide Slip-on Sandals offer a more relaxed and laid-back option. These sandals are perfect for embracing the denim-on-denim trend with their denim color, making them a versatile choice for a relaxing vacation. They pair effortlessly with stylish tops and shorts or a casual dress, adding a touch of charm to any summer outfit.

The "Forever" Cork Sole Rhinestone Circle Double Buckle Flat Sandals and the "Forever" Cork Sole Rhinestone Double Buckle Flat Sandals have durable cork soles and eye-catching rhinestone embellishments. These sandals provide a stylish and comfortable option to elevate a casual look, especially when paired with a simple top and shorts.

Our diverse collection of flats is designed to cater to women of various age groups and style preferences. Among our offerings are the "Forever" White Sole Linen Drawstring Flat Moccasins, providing a comfortable and stylish option for everyday wear. Additionally, we have the "Soda" Slip-on Linen Flats ($13.99), reminiscent of TOMS designer shoes ($49.95), offering a casual yet trendy look that pairs perfectly with a T-shirt and linen or twill shorts. Our "Forever" Rhinestone Bow Embellished Ballet Flats are an elegant choice for young ladies having dressy events. Lastly, the "Ambo" Perf Gold Hardware Rhinestone Embellished Moccasins are ideal for contemporary and traditional women, offering versatility for various settings such as work or religious services.

Sizzlin' Sneakers

Make a striking fashion statement with the eye-catching "Kedi" Maximalist Lace-up Wedge Athletic Sneakers. These sneakers are stylish and trendy and offer the perfect blend of fashion and comfort. With their unique design and bold aesthetic, they will turn heads and elevate any casual outfit.

Elevate your streetwear look with the stylish "Forever" 2-Tone Lace-up Pleather Athletic Sneakers. These trendy sneakers offer a comfortable fit and a unique two-tone design that adds a modern touch to your outfit. Perfect for complementing your urban style, these sneakers are a must-have for anyone looking to make a fashion statement.

You can elevate your style this summer by pairing the "Soda" White Sole Lace-Up Flat Casual Canvas Sneakers with various outfits. These versatile sneakers are the perfect choice to complement dresses, tops, and shorts, adding a touch of casual chic to your summer wardrobe.

Melrose's summer sneaker collection offers various heights and styles to suit different preferences and needs. Suppose you're looking to make a bold fashion statement. In that case, our latest addition, the "Kedi" Maximalist Lace-up Wedge Athletic Sneakers ($23.99), provides a unique and eye-catching design to help you stand out. These are more colorful and have a design similar to the original Louis Vuitton Run 55 Sneaker, which runs for $1,260. For those seeking a sleek and monochromatic look to complement their summer athleisure outfits, the "Forever" 2-Tone Lace-up Pleather Athletic Sneakers ($11.98) is an excellent dupe choice to the New Balance 327 ($99.99).

Additionally, suppose you're aiming for a more laid-back and casual vibe. In that case, the "Soda" White Sole Lace-Up Flat Casual Canvas Sneakers ($13.99) offer versatility and comfort, making them the perfect choice for pairing with a wide range of ensembles. It's worth noting that these sneakers also serve as a great dupe alternative to the popular Keds Champion Originals Lace Up sneakers ($54.95).

Hot Heels, Boots, and Booties

The "Unilady" 1" Textured Buckle Heeled Mule Sandals are a fashionable choice to elevate your vacation or casual outfits. The 1" heel adds a touch of elegance without sacrificing comfort, making them perfect for walking around and exploring during leisure activities.

Elevate the look of your legs by pairing a stunning dress with the "Top" 3 1/2" Square Open-Toe Mule Heels for a glamorous night out. Alternatively, these heels can add height and style to your favorite pair of wide-leg jeans, giving you a chic and sophisticated look for any occasion.

Check out these stunning "Top" 3" Thin Strappy Open-Toe Heels! They are versatile enough to exude both sexiness and elegance, making them suitable for various occasions. These heels will ensure that you make a stylish entrance wherever you go.

Step into the spotlight with the dazzling "Top" 4" Platform Rhinestone Ankle Strap Heels and become the center of attention in your local nightlife this summer. These stunning heels boast a 4" platform and sparkling rhinestones, adding a touch of glamour to your ensemble. Whether you're hitting the town for a night out with friends or dancing the night away, these heels elevate your style and make you feel fabulous.

Elevate your summer night-out look with the stylish "Top" 4 1/2" Rhinestone Bow Embellished Ankle-Strap Heels. These trendy heels feature a dazzling rhinestone bow embellishment that adds a touch of glamour to any outfit. The 4 1/2" heel height provides a chic and elegant silhouette, making them a perfect choice for special occasions or a night out. Step into these fashionable heels and make a statement this summer.

Step into the spotlight and outshine the night wearing the "Top" 3 1/2" Platform Metallic Patent Rhinestone X-Strap Heels. These stunning heels are designed to make you stand out like the radiant sun or the enchanting moon, adding a touch of glamour and elegance to your evening ensemble.

Liven up your summer with the "Top Guy" Rhinestone Western Heeled Cowboy Boots. These stylish boots are perfect for adding a touch of flair to your favorite western-inspired outfit. Whether you're line dancing or attending a country music festival, these dazzling boots will make a statement.

Get set for summer with the "Story" 2 1/2" Stack Heeled Cowboy Booties. These stylish booties are the ideal choice for adding a touch of Western-inspired charm to your seasonal wardrobe. The 2 1/2" stacked heel provides an elegant lift. At the same time, the durable construction ensures comfort and style for all-day wear. Pair them with your favorite Western-inspired outfit, and get ready to strut your stuff with confidence and flair.

Our final summer shoe collection segment offers various styles, including heels, boots, and booties. We cater to different preferences, from sleek, minimalist designs to over-the-top glam rhinestone footwear for our fabulous divas. Let's delve into the details of each option:

We start with the trendy denim-colored "Unilady" 1" Textured Buckle Heeled Mule Sandals, perfect for the fashionable contemporary woman. For those who prefer sleek outfits, the "Top" 3 1/2" Square Open-Toe Mule Heels and the "Top" 3" Thin Strappy Open-Toe Heels are excellent choices, depending on your look or personal preference. These options are ideal for elevated daytime outfits.

If you're planning a night out, we have the "Top" 4" Platform Rhinestone Ankle Strap Heels, "Top" 4 1/2" Rhinestone Bow Embellished Ankle Strap Heels, and the "Top" 3 1/2" Platform Metallic Patent Rhinestone X-Strap Heels. These glamorous options complement your best on-trend looks, perfect for club nights and special occasions.

Lastly, for the fashion-forward crowd at country dance clubs, we present the "Top Guy" Rhinestone Western Heeled Cowboy Boots and the "Story" 2 1/2" Stack Heeled Cowboy Booties. These versatile options pair well with wide-leg jeans or shorts and a button-down top, offering comfort and style for your nights out.

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