6 New Fall Outfits on Trend for the Season

6 New Fall Outfits on Trend for the Season
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6 New Fall Outfits on Trend for the Season

Ditch the summer colors and embrace the darkness and new trends. New fall outfits trickle in all of our Melrose locations, from dark colors to long-sleeved shirts. Our introduction to fall looks doesn't include layers yet, but we have trending fashions such as red items, a parachute skirt, cargo pants, and a Melrose trending color, hunter green. High fashion features red as this season's color, while celebrities continuously love the parachute and cargo looks. Hunter green is one of our trending color themes for the season. If you're starting to look at new outfits for the season,  read below for our top six recommendations to curate your fall wardrobe and shop your new closet at your local Melrose, as some of these items are selling fast.

Red is for Fall

The female junior model wears our cabernet "FCT" Sleeveless Mock Neck Crop Top, khaki "Full Circle" Parachute Pants, and beige "EMAS" Pleather Printed Sneakers.

Red is everywhere on popular blogs and publications like InStyle, Elle, and Glamour; red is in and should be executed as a monochromatic look, ideally to be on par with high fashion trends. In a practical sense, the leaves will change colors, signaling fall lovers to get their dark hues out and embrace the cooler weather. If you like to mix and match trends and capsule pieces, then Melrose has curated a fun selection of outfits featuring red tops just for you. 

Our first look features the cabernet "FCT" Sleeveless Mock Neck Crop Top paired with capsule wardrobe pieces like our khaki "Full Circle" Parachute Pants and beige "EMAS" Pleather Printed Sneakers. Whether you want the pants cinched or completely loose, this look is versatile for wearing as is or adding a long blazer trench coat to elevate the outfit to a more editorial-inspired idea. Go out leisurely with this look and catch the eye of other fashionistas and get them asking where your clothes came from. 

The next look is a comfortable night-out look with some silver accents, a capsule vibe this season. Give yourself a cozy, fitted look with our red "CTTN" 15" Long Sleeve Ruched Crop Top, "Rebel" 32" 1-button Bootcut Rhinestone Denim Jeans, and the "Forever" 3" Thick Heeled Rhinestone Booties. Take this look out to a country club and stand out with all your sparkle and shine, especially if you have superior dance moves. Get in a line dance or wrangle yourself a cowboy this fall.

The final outfit is comfortable yet elevated for a meet-up, daytime date, or a day with your girl squad. Make bold choices wearing our "CTTN" 15" Long Sleeve O-Ring Quarter Zip Crop Top, black "Ikeddi" 11" Parachute Pants, and black "Forever" 4" Cage Open Toe Heeled Dress Sandals. You have a confident, fashionable, and beautiful presence all in one.

Parachute and Cargo Continue to Trend

Celebrities like Bella Hadid and digital creators such as Jullie love the parachute pant trend, and we at Melrose love it, too. Not only do our parachute pants do well, but so do our fashion-forward parachute skirts. Not sure where to start with a parachute skirt? Treat it like you would pants and pace yourself; keep colors similar to the combo we have in our first slide that features the black "No Comment" Sleeveless Basic Tank Top, grey "Love Tree" Parachute Skirt, and the black and white "Forever" Pleather Multi-Colored Sneakers.

Pockets are always an essential ladies' demand, and cargo pants are the capsule piece that always meets our needs. Our chill baddies need the perfect effortless and relaxing look for a casual day that doesn't call for extra effort. Grab our white "Bozzolo" Long Sleeve Crop Top, "AF" Skinny Pull-on Camo Cargo Pants, and "Top" Platform Athletic Sneakers as an easy outfit pairing. The camo pants are the focal point of your look, giving you plenty of options for top and shoe combinations. Keeping it monochromatic is an excellent way to start. When you're ready to level and bundle up, take some maximalist inspiration from Nicole Kliest's article on Who What Wear and make your combinations at your nearest Melrose store.

The Melrose Trend: Hunter Green

Our final curated fall capsule wardrobe look features one of our current trending colors: hunter green. If you've never known how to style green, start this fall with our "CTTN" 23" Long Sleeve Mock Neck Top. It's one of our favorite basic long-sleeve tops with a cozy fitted silhouette. Since this top is a solid color, you can always explore styling options. Our look is curated for an enchanting date night, pairing the black. "Chocolate" 15" Slit Mini Skirt and black "Top" 4" Stack Lug Pleather 'Sock' Booties. If you're bolder with your texture combinations, we recommend switching to a pleather skirt, pleather high-waisted pants, and our“Forever” 4” Heel Rhinestone Metallic Silver Dress Sandal

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