9 My Melrose Fall/Winter Boots for Your Cold-Weather Wardrobe

Fall & Winter Boots for Your Cold-Weather Wardrobe
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9 My Melrose Fall/Winter Boots for Your Cold-Weather Wardrobe

Melrose fam, rejoice! We finally have relief from the heat, so it's time to grab some new boots for the fall and winter seasons. There is a need for a collection of staple shoes no matter the season, with some treasure pieces for bold statements or just for the sake of uniqueness. 

Some pieces we showcase are on-trend, such as suede and pleather; others might be more affordable dupes of big brand names. All styles serve a different purpose and have their personality. Discover your perfect fit below with our nine highlighted boot styles for the fall and winter seasons.

Boots with the Fur

For the coldest days, choose the "Legend" Big Faux Fur Suede Boots as part of your look that bundles you up in warmth.

For the adventurous outdoors woman, the "Timberland" Lace-up Faux Fur Lined Booties are fabulous for nature exploration during the cooler months paired with a puffer jacket, long sleeveless top, and denim jeans.

Elevate your winter wardrobe with the "Lucita" Quilted Pleather Faux Fur Lined Buckle Boots. Wear these with pleather pants and a cozy sweater at different times of the day for various occasions.

Never sacrifice style when you need comfortable and warm fashion pieces. Our "Top" Nylon Faux Fur fur-lined lace boots are perfect for looks with puff jackets, joggers, fleece-lined tights, and more cozy items.

Are we going for a cute and cozy look? Don't discount our "Lucita" Faux Fur Lined Pleather Buckle Booties as part of an attractive and well-planned outfit for an everyday look.

Fur is an essential part of a staple cold-weather wardrobe. Above are five choices we've selected to showcase a variety of faux fur-lined boots for different occasions and moods. 

The first style we have is a sort of UGG dupe, just with more faux fur. The "Legend" Big Faux Fur Suede Boots are cute for lazy days that call for a soft yet still warm matching athletic top and leggings set. The snug fit of your outfit gives the boots a moment to be the center of attention and stand out. Other than this suggestion, we have Gigi Hadid in a pair of UGGS highlighted first on Who What Wear to showcase an outfit she created. Despite the amount of fur, it still works for what we started with our fluffy dupes.

The second set in the slides above highlights another boot dupe: Timberlands. These outdoorsy, utility-minded boots are duped in the form of the Roll Top Lace-up Faux Fur Lined Work Booties, which are lined with soft faux fur. These boots are pretty simple to style, like the example here. The outfit holistically has light color hues; matching the outerwear with the boots showcases similar textures and materials. Layered underneath are a warm white knit sweater and skinny light-wash denim jeans. 

Pleather adds more durability to the faux fur theme in this group. The "Lucita" Quilted Pleather Faux Fur Lined Buckle Boots are cool and fashionable in your closet. Try matching a loose knit sweater or sweater dress with the faux fur lining and pair it with matching pleather pants or some fleece-lined tights under the sweater dress.

When you love the outdoors but want an active yet cozy look, the "Top" Nylon Faux Fur Lined Lace Up Boots are the route. Go for a cute jogger set and a puff jacket for those cold daytime strolls to keep you active and healthy. Otherwise, try a sweatshirt and sweatpants with a trench to layer over.

The final faux fur-lined booties are the shortest, landing right at the ankle. The "Lucita" Faux Fur Lined Pleather Buckle Booties would be a cute addition to a monochromatic all-black look with various textures. Go with a pleather jacket layered over a sweatshirt and distressed denim jeans.

Slide Into Some on Trend Pleather and Suede

For those that love a classic sweater, denim blue jeans, and scarf combination, the "Top" 3" Stack Pleather Buckle Heeled Riding Boots are perfect to complete this wardrobe staple.

The "Forever" 3" Heeled Pleather Tie Thigh High Boots are a sexy night-out choice for footwear. Wear them with a scoop neck dress and a long faux fur coat, an all-pleather look, or something as simple as a long bodysuit with a long printed coat.

For the ladies that love an edgy, rockstar look or are pretty in punk, the "Top" 3" Lug Pleather Lace-up Knee-High Combat Boots are a perfect addition to your hardcore winter wardrobe.

The "Forever" 3" Suede Heeled Zip-up Boots are more versatile than one might think. Wear these beauties with a loose sweater and a corduroy skirt, tuck some jeans into them, or pair them with a lightweight dress and a faux fur coat for added vanity.

The best night-out booties for the season are the "Soda" 4" Platform Patent Pleather Heeled Booties. Grab a black bralette, sheer-checker printed top, a matching pleather blazer, fleece-lined tights, and an A-lined skirt for a bold, editorial-inspired look.


 Boots currently on trend are fitted suedes and slouchy (we'll say loose) pleather. We're excited to showcase our trendy and affordable variety of fashion boots, great for different moods. 

First, we have the "Top" 3" Stack Pleather Buckle Heeled Riding Boots, which are comfortable and easy to wear. An exciting look to do with the brown ones, mainly, is to pair them with an all-black outfit like the one Kelly in the City wears. For the black pair, look at thanya and her oversized sweater and skirt combos with riding boots on LTK. 

Girlies who hate putting pants on even when it's cold, the "Forever" 3" Heeled Pleather Tie Thigh High Boots are here for your needs to be free. Grab a faux fur dress and rhinestone embellished fishnet tights to replace this sexy, feminine, and warm cold-weather look. A more classic pairing with boots like ours is simply a matching colored sweater dress; minimal effort with still max style.

Bring some pretty alternative looks with the "Top" 3" Lug Pleather Lace-up Knee-High Combat Boots. Take the outfit Lua created and swap out the boots to add more edge. Mix this look by making the top oversized, layer over black leggings or fishnets, and wear the boots.

Fitted suede boots are in, and so is the color red. Snag the extra trendy "Forever" 3" Suede Heeled Zip-up Boots. A monochromatic red look is suitable for fall; snatch an editorial-inspired look from Wendy's Lookbook in her Shades of Wine: Red long coat and burgundy boots. Here, she plays with both color and texture by mixing burgundy and ruby red along with a variety of textiles.

The final boot selection is a favorite for us. The "Soda" 4" Platform Patent Pleather Heeled Booties are sexy, trendy, and our boldest shoes. With these baddies, you can try the all-leather look trend, pair them with a black long-sleeved mock neck top and light wash jeans to make them the stand-out piece, wear an all-black base look with a printed coat and more. These booties don't need to ask permission, and neither do you. Grab them and start experimenting with your most dramatic ideas and rock your unique style.

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