Create 4 Style Profiles Starting with Accessories

Create 4 Style Profiles Starting with Accessories
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Create 4 Style Profiles Starting with Accessories

Clothes are always essential to showcasing one's style, and accessories are sometimes left out of the style planning, therefore keeping the full potential of an aesthetic from shining. So instead of planning your look with clothing at the helm, try a new strategy with the accessories you have lying around that you don't quite know what to pair them with. Your friends at My Melrose and Melrose Family Fashions will teach you how with our four curated examples. Read below for complete accessory profiles with some tips on outfits that would excellently match the aesthetic you're going for.

Luxe Baddie

For this curated selection, we channel our inner baddie aesthetic. Baddies range from cool, relaxed streetwear to tiny dresses for an effortlessly sexy vibe. Celebrities to look to that are iconic in the baddie aesthetic are Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and Doja Cat. The accessories we've chosen are all gold colored with rhinestones to showcase a more boujee and pampered style. Wear our "Forever Fashion" 11-Piece Rhinestone Bracelet Set, gold "Pink" Mini Crystal Rhinestone Handbag, and the "Forever Fashion" Gold Rhinestone Circular Earrings with a solid dewy makeup look and a dress like our "Love Tree" Spaghetti Strap Tube Dress.

Pin Up with Pearls

Pearls give a classic glamour and vintage look, and what better style profile to pair with pearls than pin-up fashion? Think of a showgirl out during the day; her hair takes effort to style with pin curls, rolls, and iconic bangs. If you're a girl that loves her large barrel curling iron and hairspray, grab some bobby pins and experiment with the various dramatic hairstyles. Add hair accessories like headbands, pins, clips, and more if you feel confident.

For makeup, eyebrows are neatly groomed and have a lovely, solid arch with the crease contoured with brown eyeshadow. The signature eyeliner look is the cat eye or winged liner. For an extra feminine touch, you can put on lashes for a fuller effect. Contour the cheeks and finish with matte red lipstick. For inspiration, think of women like Bettie Page and Dita Von Teese.

Pin-up ladies know how to be subtle, drawing attention in the right places without being trashy. We curated a pearl accessory set and sunglasses with their classy theme with our "Odin" Gold Pearl Hoop Earrings, "Yiyi" Pearl Phone Pouch Handbag, and the "Pink" Stretch Travel Charm Bracelet Set.

Retro Glam

Tacking on to our pin-up fashion friends, we reminisce on decades that have passed with some retro glamour inspiration. Retro is the imitation of a fashion or design from the past; for example, swing dresses were reinvented for modern wear. Retro is often mistaken for vintage, and while they are similar, the main difference is inspiration versus the literal purchase of a piece from forty years ago. Our retro set features the "Pink" Glass Stretch Layered Bracelet Set, white "Golden Bridge" Plastic Retro Circular Sunglasses, and champagne "Tops" Triangle Embellished Metallic Handbag with either the gold or white earrings out of the "Odin" Triple Color Small Hoop Earring Set.

On Trend: Barbiecore Aesthetic

The current trend rising in anticipation of the Barbie movie is the Barbiecore aesthetic. Barbiecore is literally what it sounds like; you wish you could dress like Barbie with her hot pink dresses and sky-high platform heels. No one said you couldn't create your looks off some signature Barbie themes. Barbiecore features ultra-feminine silhouettes and exuberant accessories like hats, chunky jewelry, sunglasses, and more, all in pink. To get you started on your Barbiecore journey, we've selected our "Odin" Metal & Color Abstract Circle Earrings, "Tops" 1-Piece Triangle Embellished Handbag, and our pink "Golden Bridge" Wide Cat Eye Gold Trim Sunglasses.

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