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Create 4 Style Profiles Starting with Accessories

Clothes are always essential to showcasing one's style, and accessories are sometimes left out of the style planning, therefore keeping the full potential of an aesthetic from shining. So instead of planning your look with clothing at the helm, try a new strategy with the accessories you have lying around that you don't quite know what to pair them with. Your friends at My Melrose and Melrose Family Fashions will teach you how with our four curated examples. Read below for complete accessory profiles with some tips on outfits that would excellently match the aesthetic you're going for.

7 days ago
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My Melrose Style Guide Showcases 4 Designer Duped Bags (Part II)

This week, My Melrose returns with the second edition of designer bag dupes. From rhinestones, to signature monograms, silhouettes, and plaid; we bring you four styles inspired by designer brands Alexander Wang, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry. Be inspired and read more on elevating your style with affordable designer bag dupes. 

9 months ago
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My Melrose Style Guide Showcases 4 Designer Duped Bags (Part I)

Designer bags are best known for their quality, craftsmanship, luster, rarity, and prestige with exquisite style. However, the average person has a need to show off their sleek bag with a more affordable price tag. My Melrose showcases four carefully selected designer dupes that are sure to turn heads.

10 months ago
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Melrose Back to School Fashion Subculture: Academia

Education is redefined with the traditional method of learning uprooted and mixed learning methods part of the norm.  Going back to school looks different for everyone; that includes their fashion. My Melrose features a back to school fashion subculture inspired by the classic Greek arts, education, philosophy, and gothic elements. This fashion subculture is known generally as academia.

11 months ago
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