Melrose Introduces Ladies Contemporary Fashion

Melrose Introduces Ladies Contemporary Fashion
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Melrose Introduces Ladies Contemporary Fashion

Attention ladies, professional and sophisticated alike; My Melrose and Melrose Family Fashions have started selling beautiful contemporary clothing. We know you guys have loved our ladies' section and selection of clothing; however, we always strive to keep up with the times and listen to feedback to improve ladies' now juniors and contemporary differentiation. It will take time to make it perfect, but we are here to make you aware and showcase ten outfits for the modern woman and define who she might be. Look at our first ten outfits below to learn more about our vision. 

What is Contemporary?

Contemporary refers to existence, occurrences, or living simultaneously as something "marked by characteristics of the present period." The world of fashion uses the word contemporary to reference clothing and accessories that are modern, on-trend, accessible, attainable, and of high quality. Generally, "on-trend" is literally what contemporary means. That said, staying on-trend is achievable with resources like fashion week, fashion magazine subscriptions such as Vogue, following designers, searching hashtags on social media (Tik Tok or Instagram), and reading blogs. Our contemporary selection is geared toward women between the ages of 26-40 who are looking for dressier, on-trend styles for work or play. The sizing in our contemporary department nestles between junior's and women's, offering a little more room in the hip and bust.

Some contemporary fashion trends in Vogue, Who What Wear, and Elle is sunset hues (think various shades of the sun red, orange, and yellow), graphic printed or sleek minimalistic one-piece swimsuits, head-to-toe black, sequins, glitter, halter tops, maxi skirts, trousers (particularly in white) retro aesthetics, asymmetrical silhouettes, preppy fashion (sporty tennis and button-ups), wedges, flats, and athletic sneakers. Accessories-wise, chunky cuff bracelets, and gold or silver finished earrings are in. 

Out on the Town

Contemporary outon the town look

First, let's introduce contemporary options for night-out looks. We follow the glitter and trousers trend with a dark and light option. These color hues suit night-out activities like clubbing, fancy dinner parties, or intimate date destinations.

The dark option pictured first shows our "Emily" Sleeveless Metallic Glitter Tunic, flare "Chocolate" pants, and "Forever" 4" Rhinestone Strappy Heels. This version of the contemporary woman enjoys the head-to-toe black trend but wants to add a little sparkle to her evening.

The lighter modern woman prefers to counter the evening cloak of the night by shimmering and shining with our champagne Sleeveless Metallic Glitter Tunic, vibrant blue "Chocolate" Bright Pull-On Flare Pants, and "Top" 2" Ankle Strap Heels.

Sunday Brunch

Our following contemporary style features an asymmetrical silhouette. The powder blue "Love Tree" 56" Asymmetrical Contemporary Wrap Dress is a simple, sleek, light, and gorgeous piece that is perfect for the hot summer weather. With its sophisticated and feminine presentation, adding our "Top" 4" Patent Thong Strappy Ankle Strap Heels and matching blue handbag creates an effortless ensemble. Go out with the ladies for a fabulous, breezy morning brunch with a mimosa and plenty of laughs. 

Different Ways to Wear Printed Tops

Printed tops are a fun way to spark your creativity and are never inappropriate for any occasion; you must know how to dress them. Here we have three different options to gather inspiration from and where they are best to wear. Note that these outfits are easily replicated by visiting one of our stores, but the concept is simple; choosing a base color and finding shades complimenting said color, even if it is in the same color family.

Look at the first outfit; this is the most casual of all three options. Our "United Team" 1/2 Sleeve Tropical Floral Top is loose around the torso for breathability with partially flowing sleeves, indicating a relaxed tone to the look. Match this top with our "Chocolate" Skinny Ponte Pants to compliment the pink flowers and make the color a focal point of interest. We balance the look with our white "Soda" 1" Comfort X-Strap Sandals to match the background of the top. The quilted pattern handbag is in a lighter shade of pink that doesn't deviate from the outfit (even with the perfect matching keychain); in fact, it adds a highlight effect to the more muted pants. Wear this while running errands, shopping, or having a nice lunch with a light, refreshing sandwich.

Our second graphic-printed top is the bold "Sace" 1/2 Puff Sleeve Bright Letter Printed Top. A contemporary take on this is similar to our casual look as we feature our "Chocolate" Belted Dress Shorts, classic black strappy heels, red "Tops" 1-Piece Triangle Embellished Handbag complimentary earrings, and stack bracelets. This look is sophisticated while highlighting your best features without the need to be risque. Take this look out to the club or a fashion show (as a spectator, of course).

Finally, our most versatile contemporary outfit can be worn to work, casually, or brunch; you can wear it whenever the sun is out. Embrace the beauty of color and flowers with our "Trendset" Ruffle Sleeve Floral Peasant Top, "Chocolate" Belted Ponte Pants, "Top" 4" Patent Thong Strappy Ankle Strap Heels, and nude handbag.

Take These Looks to Work

Contemporary meets the minimalist style in the first work outfit featured above. We went for a reasonably monochromatic look, pairing our "NY Invasion 18" Bright Ruffle Sleeve Top and "Chocolate" Bright Pull-On Flare Pants. Arguably the "Forever" Pleather Ballet Flats and "Deluxity" Small V Hardware Satchel Crossbody Bag finishing this look completes the minimalist idea without the outfit being entirely monochromatic, as white is part of the typical minimalist color palette. This ensemble is on trend by being minimalistic and sleek, prioritizing trousers over jeans and incorporating flats and gold-finished chunky jewelry.

The other look we have is those more conservative in color choices. If you're the quiet type who likes to blend in, this contemporary work fit is what you need to add to your wardrobe. Featured are our "First" Short Sleeve Solid Crew Neck Top, "Chocolate" Boot Cut Flare Pants, "Top Moda" 3" Patent Leather Stiletto Pump Heels, "Tops" 1-Piece Triangle Embellished Handbag, and some dark chunky jewelry to maintain some more trendy aspects to finish.

Casually Out and About

When you're off work, don't sacrifice your sophisticated style. Casual does not mean not putting effort into your appearance, just a little less to relax. The piece that makes this look more mature and contemporary is our "Chocolate" Bright Crew Neck Top. You are welcome to dress down in jeans like our "Wax" 27" Light Wash Denim Distressed Skinny Jeans; since it's summertime, sandals are the best option for an outfit like this. Pair our "Soda" 1" Comfort X-Strap Sandals with our "Deluxity" Small V Hardware Satchel Crossbody Bag to deliver a casual modern look without too much effort. 

Contemporary Barbiecore

Our final look gives a sneak peek into our anticipated Barbie shop. We didn't want to launch our contemporary shop without showing how to follow pop culture trends. Here we play with Barbiecore by combining our fuschia "Papermoon" Cowl Neck Spaghetti Strap Tank, "Chocolate" Bright Pull-On Flare Pants and white "Top" 4" Patent Thong Strappy Ankle Strap Heels, and white "Deluxity" Small V Hardware Satchel Crossbody Bag. Noting the gold accents on the bag, we opted for gold jewelry. Just because you're a more mature woman doesn't mean you can't follow pop culture trends (and beat the younger Gen Z at it). You're setting the example with effortless glamour and confidence in your decisions, precisely what a self-sufficient Barbie girl would do.

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