Nightlife Styles for Different Activities Curated by My Melrose

Nightlife Styles for Different Activities Curated by My Melrose
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Nightlife Styles for Different Activities Curated by My Melrose

As the holiday season continues to keep us all on our toes and busier than usual, there are times where we need to leave the work mentality and wardrobe at home. Slide into the nightlife scene in style whether you're going to a dance club or seeing a live show. The My Melrose Style Guide has a wide selection of looks for various nightlife activities. Read on to see our outfits, where to wear them, and how to mix them up.

Classy with a Touch of Glitter

You don't have to show a ton of skin or dress provocative to be the center of attention in any setting. Feel comfortable in your own skin by taking a classy approach to your nightlife look. For this outfit choice the silhouette is fitted, however, generally speaking we have long sleeves, an above the knee pencil skirt and heeled shoes. 

Our first photo for this classy glitter ensemble features the black and gold "Chocolate" Metallic Glitter Deep V-Neck Knit Top over the red "Chocolate" Ribbed Solid Pencil Skirt and finished with the black "Top" 4" Platform Patent Strappy Heels. Pair this look with gold accessories for best results. This look is lovely for an outing at a cocktail bar whether it's with friends or on a date. 

The second version of this classy look features the silver and black "Chocolate" Metallic Glitter Deep V-Neck Knit Top over the black "Chocolate" Ribbed Solid Pencil Skirt, boldly finished with the black "Unilady" 5" Patent Pleather Double Platform Heeled Booties. While still maintaining the classy aspect, this version might be better suited for a dress coded dance club. 

To mix up these looks, you could trade of the pencil skirt for a pair of skinny ponte pants. For either top, black ponte pants would be preferable for a uniform, elevated and polished look. This mix would make the outfits suitable for a dressed up night with the ladies at a plastic bar.

If the pencil skirt is your focus piece, create a different kind of flair with a long sleeve one shouder top that features a big sleeve; for example, a sheer cape style sleeve. This elevated look is a suitable one for a more upscale dueling piano bar. 

When Monotone Pops Show It Off

Creativity isn't only about pairing different colors to create a bold statement or a revolutionary look; mixing textiles and fabrics can prove to be an advanced form of elevated fashion. For this My Melrose look, we took suede and pleather in a range of brown colors with a successful outcome we didn't anticipate. This outfit is a mix of polished, edgy, and glamourous all at once. 

Our unique outfit feature showcases the camel/mocha "Chocolate" Suede Trench layered over the camel "Love Tree" 33" Spaghetti Strap Pleather Side Rouch Tie Dress finished with the tan “Forever” Rhinestone Lace Back 4” Heel Over-the-Knee Boots. Show off your expertise in monotone pop at various nightlife spots such as high concept bars and karaoke lounges. 

High concept bars are cool places that feature a theme that tells a story. These bars could be the ultimate form of love for something in pop culture like a novel, TV show, or movie. Creative places call for statement wear and an embrace of adventure and new experiences. 

If you're feeling extra squirrly and want to be the center of attention, take this outfit to a karaoke lounge. Karaoke lounges are similar to nightclubs where they have a dance floor, DJ, drinks, and sometimes private rooms you can reserve for you and your friends.  When you're really into a song, make a statement by removing the trench and unleashing the lead singer in you for the best stage prescence. 

Mix this look up by ditching the suede and incorporating a more tailored style to the pleather look by layering with a blazer and finishing with pointed stiletto heels. This idea is another option for a bold statement look that would be suitable for a unique venue such as high concept bars. 

If you love the suede trench, make this your base to create a more androdynous look. Swap the pleather dress for a solid crew neck long sleeve top paired with skinny plaid jeans or leggings depending on your comfort level. When pairing the plaid bottoms with the solid outwear, keep in mind that you want to match one of the colors in your plaid pattern to said outerwear piece. Finish this mix with lace up platform booties. This rendition would be suitable for a more casual setting like playing pool at a billiard hall with friends.

Alluring, Full of Mystery, and Secretly a Banshee?

There's nothing more powerful than an all leather look that fits in all the right places and provides substance by playing with fabrics, layering and textures. All leather is a bold high fashion trend and, dare we say sexy. However, this My Melrose outfit is one for wearing to your local goth club or to a live metal concert. 

Here, we showcase the black "Chocolate" Pleather Crop Spaghetti Strap Tank layered under the black "Love Tree" Long Sleeve Pleather Two Button Blazer. Both garments are a soft, buttery kind of texture. To 'roughen' the look, we add a pair of black "Chocolate" Lace Up Pleather Pants and the black "Top Guy" 4" Lug Pleather Heeled Booties. The lace up features of the pants and shoes add a more three dimensional aspect, helping the look pop more, avoiding a blunt overall finish. Plus the pants are not a soft, buttery material; there's more of a 'grain' to the touch. 

If you want to keep the all leather look but accentuate the outfit with more embellishments for a punk style, trade the blazer for a spiky zip up jacket and swap out heeled pleather booties for platform boots instead. Screech, pig squeal and growl to your hearts content at a metal concert or headbang to punk music. 

There are various ways to change up different pieces of this original look. For example, take the top as your main inspiration, use it as an outer layer to a fishnet long sleeve top (a crop one to not let it extend to the midriff). Sleek out the pants by trading them for pleather leggings and add texture with buckled combat boots or go to the extreme and choose knee height platform boots. 

If you like showing off your legs, look to the "Top Guy" 4" Lug Pleather Heeled Booties as your muse. Create a more daring, dark feminine look by wearing a black bra under a black sheer patterned long sleeve top tucked into a black tulle ruffed skirt with opaque black tights. Put on a black wide brimmed hat and use an artistic purse as your accent to this look.

Elevated in Mind and Fashion

Have a drink, grab a couple of educated and creative friends and attend a slam poetry night. That doesn't mean not to dress to impress (you might want to read a poem too). Be snappy, sophisticated, academic, and confident in our choice for a low-key nightlife look. 

Our posh outfit features the charcoal "Mirage" Double Breasted Front Tie Heavy Jacket tied over the light grey "Ambiance" Long Sleeve Ribbed Turtleneck Crop Top tucked neatly into the grey and white "Chocolate" 15" Plaid Front Slit Mini Skirt. Keeping a sense of surprise in mind, we finished this look with fashionable black "Legend" 5" EVA Pleather Platform Chunky Heeled Booties.

If you're looking to truly fit the poetic theme for slam poetry, switch out the mini skirt for a long, ankle length printed maxi skirt. For the shoes, a cute pair of oxfords are a standard choice. If you need an extra boost (looking at you short friends), a pair of flat platform creepers are a cute choice as well. To keep warm, wear a button down knit cardigan as your outerwear, keeping complimentary colors in mind. 

For those that love the mini skirt and want to play with the fit of your outfit, instead of wearing the neatly tucked knit top, loosen up with a bishop sleeve knit sweater untucked and layered over the skirt. Put on some fleece lined tights and sleek out the finish of this look with a pair of point toe heeled booties.

Danity, Classic and Perfect for Dancing

Vintage inspired, we kept things simple, danity and sweet. This semi-conservative feminine look is perfect for nightlife at a jazz bar. The vintage interior, dimmed lights, fancy drinks, gorgeous music, and open dancing space is a perfect date night option.

As the most darling woman of the evening, you're perfectly fit in our hunter "Fashion Magazine" Long Sleeve One Shoulder Top layered under our black "Park Ave" Long Sleeve Pleather Blazer paired with the "Chocolate" Black Solid Belted Skinny Ponte Pants and the black "Top" 4" Thick Patent Platform Ankle Strap Chunky Heels.

For a more leisure billiards night, dress down the one shoulder top with some straight leg jeans and low chunky heel chelsea boots. For a more retro look for a nostalgia bar night, pair the black "Top" 4" Thick Patent Platform Ankle Strap Chunky Heels with a long sleeve printed swing dress.

Country Dance Hall Belle or College Dive Bar Queen?

Nothing beats a loose fit flannel, jeans and boots at a country and western dance club. For the southern gals that have a little fashionista in them, you have the itch to elevate your look a little to catch a 'cowboy' and two step the night away. We've got a more sophisticated look for the ladies that defy traditional western wear standards. 

This My Melrose selection features the grey "Papermoon" Long Sleeve Oversized Plaid Shacket layered over the brown "Ambiance" Long Sleeve Turtleneck Lettuce Edge Knit Top, tucked into the "Wax" 28" Medium Wash Blowout Destruction Denim Skinny Jeans. Instead of western cowboy boots, we opted to finish our look with the brown "Forever" 3" Lug Pleather Stretch Calf Boots. Of course you can opt into tradtion buy buttoning up the flannel, tucking it into non-blown out jeans and swap the calf boots with western cowboy boots.

The college dive bar queen is a little more lax in her style choice. She might choose the top and trade the blown out skinnies for some boot cut jeans and some canvas sneakers instead of booties. Or she loves her blow out skinny jeans and would rather wear a loose graphic tee and slip-ons.

Modern Disco Queen Says "All Eyes on Me"

You shimmer and shine in the nightclub lights as you are the star of the night. This disco ball inspired all sequin set is for the show stoppers and extreme extroverts that can't get enough eyes on them. Go viral in the My Melrose "Chocolate" 2-Piece Sequin Set paired with the sexy black "Forever" 4 1/2" Suede Stiletto Thigh High Back Tie Boots. Can you not get enough glow out of a whole sequin outfit? The only item to switch out would be your footwear. Trade the black stiletto thigh highs for gold sparkly thigh high boots. 

Casual Plastic Bar Date

Mesmerized by your effortless beauty, your date can't stop smiling at you and chatting you up. This outfit is simple, yet so charming. It's the perfect balance of caring about your style and remaning casual enough to be comfortable. Try out the olive "Therapy" Long Nylon Puffer Heavy Jacket w/Hood layered over the white "Love Tree" Long Sleeve V-Neck Basic Top, tucked into the khaki "Chocolate" 15" Plaid Corduroy 1/4 Zip Belted Mini Skirt finsihed with black "D" 3" Suede Pointed 14" Heeled Calf Boots. Your date doesn't feel intimidated or nervous because of how approachable you present yourself. The evening goes swimmingly as you have a couple of drinks and chat it up in a more quiet, low-key setting at a plastic bar. 

Refine this look with a matching crew neck heavier knit top with loose fit long sleeves. Trade the calf length boots for knee high socks and a pair of loafers. Instead of the puff jacket, try the final product with a solid blazer that hits the length of the skirt. 

The Unexpected Party Animal

You're the 'suit' out of your group of girl friends and don't go out much. They're begging you to come out to the club and have a great time. You agree and show up in your beautiful gold "Chocolate" Sequin Halter Tank Top, brown "Chocolate" 15" Miniskirt and gold "Top" 3 1/2" Glitter Heels. Delight washes over the group as they comment on how gorgeous you look. Little did they know, they unleashed the beast that is the unexpected party animal. From the energized dancing to the shots, you and your glory are the life of the party and an instant legend among your giddy gal pals. The My Melrose outfit is perfect for a more mature woman that understands the balance of sexy and comfortability in her own skin. 

Make your hot sequin top the pop of color in your outfit by blunting your look out with sleek black pleather pants. Keep your shoes sparkly or black them out for a more intense style. If you enjoy the skirt but need a warmer top, trade the sequin halter for a long sleeve metallic gold top and change your heels to metallic to match. 

Ladies Night at the Club

Your besties wanna thrive and be the baddest baddies at the club so you decide to tag along. With your level of confidence and amazing figure, you pull out your black "Chocolate" 32" One Spaghetti Strap Dress paired with matching black "Top" 5" Satin Open Toe Ankle Strap Double Platform Heels. Out of your girlfriends, you emerge as a living Bratz doll.

In a different scenario, your dress is perfect for an evening at a cocktail bar, except you don't shine to a certain standard. Instead of the black heels, you change them out to rhinestone silver ankle strap heels with silver accessories. You remain elegant and warm in a long fur coat as outerwear. 

From Jazz Hands to a Slow Dance

Get funky at a high energy jazz bar with your date as the most dazzling lady in the room. You're alluring and glamourous in your "Chocolate" 34" Spaghetti Strap Glitter Dress w/Cover Set in a pair of high heels. Our dress and cover set is versatile as an outfit that allow room to be limber while remaining elegant enough for when the music slows down to something like Moonlight Serenade for an intimate dance.

Androgyny as a Concept

Try being the smoothest and coolest woman in the nightlife scene by being bold and not taking a feminine approach to your look. To stand out in a high fashion sense, try this all leather layered style showcasing the black "Chocolate" Short Sleeve Pleather Button Down Top, layered under the black "Love Tree" Long Sleeve Pleather Two Button Blazer. The top is tucked into the black "Chocolate" Pleather Cargo Pants and finished with the black "Forever" 2" Ankle Stud Stretch Pleather Booties. This look kind of channels the Matrix vibes, which is a cool fashion look. 

Honestly we could totally tell you how to mix up this outfit, but this look is one our creator is particularly proud of. Despite it being all black, there are various textured elements that make the outfit stand out all on its own. Your makeup, especially the lip color could be what sets you apart from everyone else who might be trying to follow a trend you've started.

The Speakeasy Maven

In an elevated environment you know how to channel a classic, yet subtly glamorous look perfect for being the local speakeasy maven. Speakeasy establishments are interesting, and sometimes hidden gems in a city's community. During the era of prohibition, speakeasys were places people went in secret to have alcohol where it wasn't legal to consume. Now, they're cool spots to get dressed up for and have a low-key sophisticated social gathering with drinks and chatter. Try a vintage drink when you go such as the aviation (for those of drinking age that want  to try it, if you are not a fan of gin, use the violet liqueur with Canada Dry or Club Soda; an excellent alternative variation).

For your first speakeasy experience, wear our "Fashion Mag" 32" Metallic Spaghetti Strap Dress with some silver open toe ankle strap heels. If you want to be a little more vintage with your footwear, try the D'Orsay style of heels. Elevate your look by adding a fur coat as your outerwear. 

Ready to Party

You are queen of the night, bursting into the club with overwhelming confidence and a means to turn it up to a level of energy that's unheard of. The outfit of choice from the My Melrose collection features statement pieces. You sport the silver "Chocolate" Sequin Spaghetti Strap Bodysuit tucked into the "Chocolate" 3" Black 'Paper Bag' Front Tie Belted Pleather Shorts and finished with the metallic silver "Wild" 4" Rhinestone Snake-Up Heels. No one can ruin your good time when you're this powerful. 

Switch up this outfit to something else daring like sheer wide leg pants (with little undergarment cover on the inside of course) and a devilish pair of kitten heels to match your fierceness. Reverse this concept by keeping the pleather shorts but wear a sheer glitter long sleeve top and matching thigh high boots.

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