5 Fabulous Galentine's Day Looks for a Night with the Girls

5 Fabulous Galentine's Day Looks for a Night with the Girls
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5 Fabulous Galentine's Day Looks for a Night with the Girls

Valentine's Day approaches, and traditionally, the celebratory Day is for couples to enjoy the love they share on a special occasion. However, this year, Galentine's Day reigns supreme for single ladies and their girlfriends. Showing love isn't only for couples; love is strong between friends, besties, and sisters from other misters. No partner, no problem; call up your girls and enjoy Galentine's Day as the most fashionable posse with looks curated by My Melrose.

The Art of the Woman

Out of your gal pals, you're creative, love art, and enjoy the finer things in life. You understand anyone can become a work of art or display it, and your fashion shows it by first featuring our fuchsia "NY Invasion" Short Sleeve Face Fashion Top. This top features bold line work with multiple faces of women in retro-style cartoon artwork. The ladies inked in black are paired with form-fitted black "Moral Society" Pleather Leggings and sleek black "Top" 4" Heeled Glossy Patent Pleather Booties that form well around the shape of your feet. You carefully chose this look for the art and the awareness of shapes to make a complete masterpiece for a hot, curated look for the best Galentine's Day ever.

Young Soho Posh

You're the expert on dressing up; that's why the girls always call you for fashion advice, as you're their Soho queen. So get your nails done, style your hair, show up, and show out in our fuchsia "Chocolate" Long Sleeve Back Slit Top paired with a slim fit pair of white "LA Mag" 27" White Three Button Cuffed Denim Pants finished with white "Top" 2 3/4" Criss Cross Buckled Block Heels. Experts don't need to overcompensate for anything; they can easily coordinate an exciting look out of the most simple items. For a look like this, think about a neutral base to work with and pair it with a vibrant pop of color.

A Sexy Look for Yourself

Confidence is critical in your world; you always want to bestow this feeling onto your girlfriends. So, before going out with them to celebrate Galentine's Day, you encourage them to embrace their bodies and be unashamed of themselves, to dress for themselves and no one else. You are their example of pride wearing our sexy and bold red "New Mix" 21" Lace Bralette Tank, "Wax" White Distressed Denim Skinny Jeans, and our white "Top" 3 1/4" Closed Back Ankle Strap Heels. Our lace bralette tank gives off a daring yet romantic fashion, paired with distressed jeans that hug the figure, continuing a sensual and alluring look.

Leader of the Pack

The OG, who brought the group together, is the pack's leader, and you lead the charge into Galentine's Day night. You draw the most attention, yet you pay no attention as you look out for your girlfriends and ensure they have a good time. The most striking piece of your outfit is a fuchsia "Mango" Long Sleeve Knit Blazer with an all-black look featuring our "New Mix" 12" Bralette, "Ashley Blue" Black Tie Belt Flare Pants, and "Soda" 5 1/2" Double Platform Heels. Your keen eye for fashion makes you stand out so much that you might be the most powerful and intimidating woman in the room, and no man may dare to ruin you and your girl's nights.

Invited on a Night Out Away from Home

You're the quietest and the biggest workaholic in your group of girlfriends. They know you enjoy your alone time, but they miss you and face it; you miss them too. Then, the girls call you up and invite you for a Galentine's Day celebration and insist the event would not be complete without you. Without hesitation and inspired by your love for your besties, you can't resist and decide to have a little fun and change up your routine for them. Most of the time, you dress in a more monotone and professional look. Still, for the girls, you relax a little bit wearing our fuchsia "Mine" Short Sleeve Ruffle Tiered Top, "Wax" 27" Medium High Waisted Basic Skinny Jeans and glitzy champagne "Forever" 4 1/2" Rhinestone Ankle Strap Heels. You head out to meet them, and the room brightens when you show up. Full of love, you join the girls and enjoy Valentine's Day with your girlfriends, remembering how much they love you and always have your back.

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