How to Wear Brilliant Bright Spring Colors Using Basic Tops

How to Wear Brilliant Bright Spring Colors Using Basic Tops
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How to Wear Brilliant Bright Spring Colors Using Basic Tops

Essential fashion items don't have to be dressed in a drab and boring way, despite their affordability and versatility. For example, casually wear a simple, solid-colored shirt with denim or linen and accessorize with a belt, some jewelry, and a contrasting handbag. Another way to use essential fashion is to dress it up with dress pants or a flowing skirt. My Melrose shows three basic top styles in brilliant and exciting spring colors like orange, kelly green, and red. This week's entry in the My Melrose Style Guide showcases different ways to spruce and freshen these bright basics using a variety of bottoms, shoes, and bags. 

Intense Kelly Green Short Sleeve Top

The kelly green "Ambiance" Short Sleeve Bright Marrow Edge Lace Trim Top is an exciting, bright, and nature-inspired color. There are various ways to make this essential top enjoyable. Our original creation mixes rebellion and glamour with the "Wax" 9" Dark Wash 11 1/2" Distressed Denim Bermudas, silver "Legend" Rhinestone Quilted Studded Flat Sandals, and fuchsia "Deluxity" Small Chevron 'V' Crossbody Bag.

Channel a trendy, feminine look with the "Wax" Light 8" Push Up Roll Cuff Denim Shorts, rose gold "Anna" Flat Rhinestone Triple Band Sandals, and light pink "Tops" Braided Top Handle Saddle Crossbody Bag. Medium-wash shorts compliment the kelly green top by being a neutral addition to the style, giving your look a balanced tone and lending the ability to use muted tones such as rose gold and light pink. This look is perfect for those who enjoy exploring new and challenging colors without wanting to draw too much attention to themselves.

Make your top pop and elongate your legs with the "GV" 32" Light 11" Flare Jeans, raise yourself with the white "Forever" 2" Platform Buckle Sandals, and finish with a unique "Deluxity" Embossed Horseshoe Lock Crossbody Bag. While the jeans and sandals are lighter in color, the kelly green top is the most striking piece, matched with the pink crossbody bag. A fitted yet relaxed look is sure to draw eyes to you while you are adrift in your world without a care.

For more exploration on this specific top, black is always the perfect harsh contrasting color. Try distressed black mom jeans or a more charcoal-colored denim skirt.

Bright Orange Crop Top

You're fun, colorful, and ready for a breezy outdoor adventure this spring wearing our original outfit featuring our orange "Ambiance" Deep V-Neck Seamless Tank Crop Top, "Wax" 8" Medium Wash Bermuda Denim Shorts, and the white "Legend" Pleather Solid Lace Up Atheltic Shoes. We bring a mix of girly and sporty as an inspiration for this look. This outfit is cute for a day at an amusement park or a casual date.  

The second outfit came together by taking inspiration from streetwear and designer wear (duped, of course). Wear the orange top and mix it up with the "Wax" 27" Dark Wash Boyfriend Stretch Denim Distressed Cuff Jeans, "Kedi" PU Geometric Design Sneakers, and the "Symeli" Clear Studded Top Handle Jelly Handbag. You walk with your chin up high and a little attitude, and you don't care what anyone thinks of you.

We love pops of color in our looks. So take the "Ambiance" Deep V-Neck Seamless Tank Crop Top and pair it with the "Wax" 8" White Denim Bermuda Shorts, "Legend" Pleather Sold High Top Atheltic Shoes, and the "Symeli" Clear Studded Top Handle Jelly Handbag. While anyone can wear this look, it's best on more tanned skin and helps you look your creative best.

Rich Red Tank Top

When the skater meets the baddie, she comes together in this outfit which showcases the red "Ambiance" Seamless Double Side Ruch Tank Top, "Wax" Light Distressed Fray Hem Vintage Denim Shorts, black and white "Legend" Pleather Solid Lace Up Atheltic Shoes, and the black "Deluxity" New Lock Malibu Skye Handbag. So whether at a house party, rebelling with friends, or about to hit the skate park, you're incredible. So kick it or kick back, girlie. 

The second selection we have blends conservative fashion with a bit of edginess. Take our red "Ambiance" Seamless Double Side Ruch Tank Top and wear it with the "Blue Republic" 17" Dark Wash Distressed Denim Capris, the white "Forever" Solid Lace Up Shoes, and the brown "Deluxity" New Lock Malibu Skye Handbag. This outfit is for the self-respecting woman who lives by her own rules and is mysterious. Put some sunglasses on as a finishing touch.

Bring on the dark by being decked out in "Wax" Black 9 1/2" Denim Cuff Jean Shorts, "Legend" Pleather Solid Lace-Up Sneakers, and the "Deluxity" V Logo Crossbody Bag. The extra dark contrast makes the red appear more profound. Likewise, the black shorts, duo-colored sneakers, and black logo crossbody bag showcase a modern and luxurious vibe.

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