See What Ardell Beauty Products are in Melrose Stores

See Ardell in Melrose Stores
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See What Ardell Beauty Products are in Melrose Stores

This week is a special post because we are excited to announce that Melrose stores will soon receive some fabulous Ardell Professional products in most locations. Products include a selection of Ardell's Naked and Doll Lashes, DUO adhesives, and Nail Addict styles. Continue below for videos and images of each product we receive in action. 

Ardell Promotional Poster 2018Ardell Promotional Poster 2018
Pictured above is a promotional Ardell Professionals Poster provided by Ardell Professionals.

Naked Eyelashes

In this promotional video by Ardell, there are testimonials and examples of some styles they offer. Their lightweight, soft, and beautiful presentation showcases an effortlessly natural look once fully applied. Ladies who love the clean girl aesthetic, or any lady in general, will appreciate the natural feel of the Ardell Naked Lashes line.

Above is a personal anecdote about the Ardell Professional Naked Lashes style 421. Sasha talks about how she achieves her natural look with the lashes and what she loves about them. Her advice is for everyone looking for a general understanding of how to create a natural look with makeup and how these particular naked lashes accentuate that effort.

Our Ardell lash highlights from the Naked Lashes line are styles 421 and 424. In our slideshow, we wanted to showcase high-quality images provided by Ardell so you can get a sneak peek of what these gorgeous lashes look like. For more on both highlighted styles Melrose is offering, Abril Ramirez on YouTube showcases her experience with both our 421 and 424 styles.

Doll Look Eyelashes

Above is a GIF of a promotional video by Adrell featuring some of their Doll Look Lashes.Above is a GIF of a promotional video by Adrell featuring some of their Doll Look Lashes.
Above is a GIF of a promotional video by Adrell featuring some of their Doll Look Lashes.

The slideshow above is a collection of social media posts Ardell Professionals created for the Innocent, and Bambi Doll Looks Lashes line, which are a couple of styles Melrose stores will start to carry. Toward the end, you can see how these two lashes look on various eye shapes; that way, you can determine which one you like better and come into your local Melrose to pick one or both out. These lashes would be a great addition to a baddie's makeup look or even one for the femme fatale type.

DUO Glue Strip and Brush On

Lashes can't be worn without the proper adhesive. Our stores now offer DUO glue adhesives in white and dark tones. Hate strip adhesive? No worries, we've also brought in DUO brush-on glue for our new false lashes.

Nail Addict Styles

Ardell Professional Sparkling Tiara Nails

Ardell Sparkling Tiara nails with application tools

Ardell Professional tiara nails out of package

Ardell Professional Rich tan Ombre nails

Ardell Professional Rich tan ombre nails out of package

Ardell Professional rich tan ombre nails with application tools

Adrell Professional Rich tan ombre angled group photo out of package

Ardell Professional Right Tan Ombre back of package

We didn't stop at bringing you a piece of lash heaven; false nails are part of our beauty section; naturally, we had to upgrade what nail styles we provide to all of you. Above are two highlighted styles in the Ardell Nail Addict line. Dark and nude ombré looks with rhinestones keep your nails lovely, fresh, and elevated no matter what you wear. 

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