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Styles Trickling in for the New Year at My Melrose

Variety is the My Melrose game, and we're here today to serve up new items to add to different parts of your lifestyle, from beautyaccessories, and a surprise pair of shoes. Some might be surprising and potentially inspiring. We've got some suggestions for wearing or using our new styles below.

3 months ago
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Give the Gift of Vanity with My Melrose Beauty Items as Holiday Gifts

If you're in need for a gift for a woman or a few women in your life, My Melrose recommends giving the gift of vanity. Some ladies might be in need of new beauty tools to replace the ones they've been using for years. There are ladies that might be in need of a new tool to unleash their creativity whether that's a set of makeup brushes or a curling iron. No matter what the gift idea is that you have, the My Melrose Style Guide is here to to showcase beauty items as affordable gifts for the woman/women in your life. 

4 months ago
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