The College Edit: 10 Shoes for Campus Life

The College Edit: 10 Shoes for Campus Life
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The College Edit: 10 Shoes for Campus Life

Time to return to campus; or begin your new chapter at your future alma mater. College is the best time to enrich your mind, connect with like-minded individuals, explore different activities, and cultivate lasting friendships. Every step of college life has a different vibe; whether hanging out and grabbing a bite at the student union, studying at the library, or joining a social group, there are shoes for everything. We've curated a ladies' shoe collection for our gals on a budget. Continue reading for recommendations on sneakers, sandals, and heels and where they fit best in your daily life at school.

Activity in Abundance

The ladies' denim "Epic" Distressed Canvas Sneakers are pictured here.

Sneakers are functional and fashionable, perfect for different personalities and vibes. Melrose stores have various sneaker styles, from canvas to pleather. Our selection fits busy bodies that need sporty activity and those that need to complete their wardrobe built to make a daily statement. 

First, musicians, skaters, and rebels need epic, edgy looks for rockin' out, riding around, and hanging out. The best sneakers to complete your look are one of our "Epic" Distressed Canvas Sneakers selections. These shoes are unique, with a denim presentation and distressed accents for non-conformists. Pair these baddies with an emo or punk look, baggy wide-leg jeans, and an oversized tee.

Runners, come one come all for one of our "La Sheela" Knit Cushion Sole Lace Up Athletic Sneakers available in ten colors. Keep your feet comfortable with room to breathe while training or maintaining your overall wellness. Pair these athletic sneakers with a two-piece set like the one we have here.

Athleisure and minimalism are excellent fashion subcultures to combine, not only for the mindset of recycling, sustainability, and a wellness-focused mentality but for comfort and easy put-together looks. The best staple for these girlies is the "Forever" Pleather Solid Color Sneakers. Make them fashionable with an editorial-inspired look like what we created with the "Bozzolo" 2-Piece Spaghetti Strap Crop Top and Biker Shorts Set.

The final sneaker recommendation is the same style as the one above, except it's multi-colored. The "Forever" Pleather Multi-Colored Sneakers are all cute and represent unique color palettes. These are cute for strolling off to class with your headphones or earbuds and feeling yourself or showing off your rad skills with the dance classes and clubs you participate in.

Sandals for a Variety of Social Circles

The ladies' “Soda” 3 ½” Platform Wedge Heel Faux Leather Sandals in white are pictured here.

Sandals are for socializing in style. For social clubs that involve mutual interests or meeting your new friends for coffee, you'll strut confidently everywhere because of your cute look, especially your sandals. From platforms to flats, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Platform sandals have been "in" fashion for a while, rising back to popularity in recent years. One of our options is feminine with a bubbly personality; it's the "Soda" 3 ½" Platform Wedge Heel Faux Leather Sandals. The thick wedge is a youthful and fun addition to various fashion lovers. An example of a look with sandals with a similar wedge style is this look by Haruka, a young woman photographed in Harajuku by in their Tokyo Street Snaps segment.

For the college gals that love to party and be the baddest baddies, our "Soda" 3 ½" Chunky Heel X-Strap Sandals are perfect for your late-night shenanigans. Show you're beautiful and intelligent and know how to dress for the attention you seek. Nicole's outfit on Pinterest is a prime example of a night-out look with chunky heeled sandals.

It's time for a midday study session on a low-volume class day. You're in a casual mood; knowing your day had some new enrichment and free time, you go for the "Glaze" Comfort T-Strap Buckle Flat Sandals. These simple, flat sandals are cute with a casual blouse, skinny jeans, or loose linen outfit.

The weekend has arrived, and you need chill time or a good walk exploring the city around you to unplug and recharge your brain from schoolwork. Do as the VSCO girls do, throw on an oversized graphic tee over denim shorts, slip a scrunchie on your wrist, grab a lightweight backpack, and get into slides like the "Top Guy" EVA Foam "Birk" Slip-on Sandals. Work the extra casual energy and enjoy your freedom.

Step Up to New Heights

The ladies' white "Top" 3 1/2" Thick Platform X-Strap Peeptoe Heels are pictured here.

The ladies' black “Top Moda” 3” Patent Leather Stiletto Pump Heels are pictured here.

You'd think heels wouldn't be part of the college experience; think again. From interviewing for internships to banquets, formal events, and rush weeks (if a sorority or a co-ed non-panhellenic Greek organization is your fancy), heels are a must. There are a variety of heels to choose from for classy events to more lax and fun memory-making moments.

The white "Top" 3 1/2" Thick Platform X-Strap Peeptoe Heels are necessary for initiating into a Greek organization. Traditionally, initiates wear white to official meetings until they are welcomed into the group; then, they will wear all black; the dress code rules depend on the organization (I opted for Phi Sigma Pi, a co-ed honors fraternity). Wear these shoes with a white business casual dress for this particular occasion. Otherwise, pick something business casual or formal if you're about to present your thesis or speak as part of a conference.

Internships are the best way to gain experience. You must present yourself professionally with a sharp look. For a blouse and slacks outfit, the "Top Moda" 3" Patent Leather Stiletto Pump Heels are a simple and polished addition to your elevated sense of self. Go into your interview with confidence, knowledge, experience, and goals in mind. Make your future bright!

The final shoe recommendation ends this week's blog with a bang. Our "Forever" 3" Clear Acrylic Heel Rhinestone Mule Sandals are showcased last in our slideshow. These are perfect for a fun, fancy party or getting dressed up for a friend's house gathering. A slip dress is an excellent choice with glittering sandals like these.

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